Sound absorbers for improved acoustics

Cullus is a knitted material which has the ability to form three dimensional(3D)objects that can be placed in the room meeting the acoustic needs required.
 Acoustic measurements are done in hanging panel lengths and 3D forms. Results shows that the sound absorbency stands in proportion to material area regardless of form.
You will find documented measurements at the bottom of this side.
Cullus is a three dimensional heavy duty material in flame retardant yarn, 100% polyester Trevira CS and is flame tested and approved for public as well as maritime environments.
This material can also be cleaned in a regular washing machine at 30 degrees C.

Cullus is available as piece goods in two different types, 600mm or 800mm: Cullus "MOLTO" weight:1500g/m2 absorbent class A and C; Cullus “MINI” weight: 900g/m2 absorbent class D
Cullus is avaiable in white, silver, grey, lightblue and yellow.

Cullus is a sound absorbent textile used in technical and public environments. This unique material combines function, flexibility and appearance.

Cullus Globe

Cullus Regatta

Cullus Wave

The Wave is assembled on walls, it comprises 0,2 m2 Molto and has the measures 60x30x15 cms.

Cullus Booth

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